Dell P2715Q 27” Ultra HD 4K IPS Monitor

The Dell P2715Q monitor has some great internals along with a simple and elegant design that appeal to gamers that may use for visual design or computer graphics. With a mind-boggling resolution 3840 x 2160 of Ultra HD that supports 4K, it’s ultra-sharp and quality detail is something to behold. The pixel density is extremely intricate on medium or high settings and the colour density is also at a high depth of 1.07 billion. It’s refresh rate is possibly the one only disadvantage at 8MS bringing a slightly slower image still-change.

The physical monitor adjusts itself which also allows pivots and swivel including a 90-degree portrait rotation, and its tilt is set at 5-degrees forward or 21-degrees backwards respectively. Whether the tilt impacts your gaming experience depends on how you like to position it. If you want to increase the height, the monitor comes with an additional mechanism that allows for an adjustable stand to be applied or attach it to a wall bracket.

Its physical appearance is not exactly eye-catching and could be classed as out-dated but if you’re an experienced technology geek you will know that Dell products are not really about appearance. The design includes thick bezels and plastic covering for its interior. All your cables are also managed appropriately with its unique internal cable management feature which is built right into the design.

Onto the connectivity the ports available include HDMI, Mini Display and four output ports for USB 3.0.


Our Rating : A
AzoneKing-check-price-at-amazon-6button-37x109Rating 4.1Azoneking-yellow-star-imdb - 1088 Reviews


Incredible Ultra HD Resolution Low Response Rate
Sharp and Crisp Graphics Lack of Audio output
Incredible pixel and color density Poor Exterior Design
Rotation and swivel angles including portrait


RESOLUTION 3840 x 2160@ 60 Hz
CONNECTORS USB 3.0 upstream, MHL / HDMI, DisplayPort, Audio line-out
WEIGHT 11.1 lbs
DIMENSIONS (H x W X D) 25.2 x 15.0 x 2.0 in


Our Rating : A
AzoneKing-check-price-at-amazon-6button-37x109Rating 4.1Azoneking-yellow-star-imdb - 1088 Reviews


It is easy to point out that the P2715Q is the best quality viewing gaming monitor. At a glance it looks incredible when playing games. It is not something entirely to get carried away with however, as the image switches are fairly slow compared to other monitors due to its response rate. However, the quality and sharp graphics are so vast that it is almost impossible to even think about the response rate. When playing games on this monitor it feels like you’re watching a game on TV. It is a joy to behold at times and the value it is marketed at is also a steal.