LG was one of the first vendors to produce OLED TVs. What is an OLED TV? It is a television display technology that is built in with light-emitting diodes and is different from a normal LED TV and is simply built with more organic substances that are more harmless to the environment.

Anyway, back to the TV. The LG B7A is a new model, a premium model that is affordable at an ultra-premium and is an excellent performer. Given the award of TV of the year in 2017 and out of all the OLED LG models, this is the best one. So, do not look at others within the LG range, as this is totally value for money. If I say to you that the B7A, compared to previous OLED TV models, has all the features incorporated from multiple OLED TV models that have been rolled up into one, you would think that’s totally wrong. However, you will see exactly what this TV offers. It delivers excellent color contrast, image-motion and movement handling, ultra HD 4K detail that is excellent for sports and entertainment. The characteristics are like the BRAVIA KD75XF9005BU that we have picked out, but we will show you the differences compared to it. Let’s take a further look.


One difference you will notice is the silver-coating metallic design of the B7A that really gives it a glamorous look. The TV is designed with an outer silver-slim bezel and crescent stand with a silver finish all around. When you lift or move it, you will instantly tell how strong and sturdy it is. If there is any sensitivity to light, the silver rim could catch it and could deter the viewing of the display. However, the excellent brightness and contrast (more detail later), would overcome any reflection issues. All connectivity ports are located at the back towards the right-hand side in a small pocket, with HDMI sockets located to the side. The stand is metallic-silver with a curved outer shape. The design is extremely satisfying and strong.

Our Rating  : A
AzoneKing-check-price-at-amazon-6button-37x109Rating 4.5Azoneking-yellow-star-imdb - Reviews 253



The speaker power on high volume is kept to a minimum. For the sporting experience, there is more of a chance the speakers would be kept loud to capture the football sound in the room. It is recommended that external speakers or a soundbar are purchased to truly capture the sound during a football match. On a normal quiet watching day, the speakers are of decent quality on the basic audio settings. The built-in stereo speakers are ordinary in its output, but they are far from perfect but neither are they far from poor. The lack of Stereo or Mono sound options is lacking to resurrect the quality. There is no Bluetooth to connect speakers and a wireless soundbar so it must be wired. There are many methods to save the speakers, so to speak, but the decision to make is yours.

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Picture Quality and Viewing

Our Rating  : A AzoneKing-check-price-at-amazon-6button-37x109Rating 4.5Azoneking-yellow-star-imdb - Reviews 253

The picture quality is exceptional. Crystal clear, sharp and poignant. The brightness and contrast capabilities are very broad and adjust during daylight or night time. Enjoy its excellent attributes including Ultra HD, excellent color density, smoothness image motion and movement and dense pixels. What was so intriguing is that no matter what time of the day it is, no matter how light or dark, it was noticed that the TV automatically adjusts its brightness and contrast ratio. A new feature we’ve found was the use of HDR effect image mode, which provides a dynamic difference to image stills that look dark and improves the white contrast and reduces the black contrast. This maintains the quality at any time of the day. Can you imagine what this does for entertainment or watching a movie at night? That’s right, enormous things!

Accompanied with 4K and Ultra HD resolution and fantastic viewing angles, there is no doubt about the picture detail.  Great for sports, entertainment and movies. One feature that really stands out is the Peak Brightness. OLED TVs have their own brightness source which sets the perfect brightness to watch based on day and night light. The best feature for me must be color and pixel density. The B7A has a total pixel rate of 8.29 million, which link up amazingly with the LED backlight and dimming settings. Any football matches that occur during evening time, the TV will maintain its optimum brightness, contrast and pixel quality. You will notice a sudden difference watching a football match during the day and during the night.



Our Rating  : AAzoneKing-check-price-at-amazon-6button-37x109Rating 4.5Azoneking-yellow-star-imdb - Reviews 253

The connectivity at the back of the B7A is rich full of widespread options, although the positioning of the connections is not something I agree with. Connecting the ports to externals requires you to purchase long-wire connections at times and it can make things a little messy if you connect external speakers or laptops, as there is no cable management. The B7A is accompanied with 4 HDMI inputs with 2.0a capacity, 3 USB ports at 3.0, Digital Optical Audio Cut and a Cable Tuner. Some extra features as part of the OLED model come in the form of Audio Connectivity. This allows you to enhance the audio on the TV by connecting to external speakers or other surround sounds. This comes in the form of ARC Dolby Digital, ARC DTS and Optical Dolby Digital. For enriched sound, ARC Dolby Digital is the best option.

Other Features

So what extra features can you look to enjoy? The slick B7A is a SMART TV platform with a host of streaming services on webOS. WebOS is a modern style platform that delivers a very slick interface, with voice control and a sensor mouse that you can point with from the SMART remote. The general norm of SMART features including Netflix, Amazon Video, and YouTube. All streaming and SMART capabilities are enjoyed with the same picturesque qualities as you watch on live TV. A fun feature is voice recognition with the SMART remote. You can state exactly what you want to open through the remote that sends a signal through to the TV.

The B7A can be purchased at a 55-inch or 65-inch. No doubt the quality will continue to remain at its peak.


  • Excellent Response Rate to Image Movement
  • Sharp graphics quality
  • Excellent Ultra HD Resolution
  • Peak Brightness measurements
  • Stylistic looking design
  • Audio and Sound enhancement options


  • Lack of Stereo and Mono sound options
  • Some reflection issues could occur


The Verdict

Picking three words to describe this TV would be fast, sharp and responsive. The refresh rate is excellent, standing at 120Hz which increases the frame rate of image movement. There is nothing else to say about the picture viewing. Just sit back and enjoy what it should offer. The peak brightness and color density are what stands out the most. The ability to measure peak brightness is an excellent addition that keeps your TV performance at an optimum level. Apart from the sound quality not matching the display quality, this is an exceptional TV that really does not require you to manually change any settings as it conforms to your surroundings. Adding an external speaker or surrounding soundbar would benefit the quality a great deal.