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Relaxman Relaxation Capsule

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BindingHealth and Beauty
LabelBiotonus Clinic
ManufacturerBiotonus Clinic
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Product GroupHealth and Beauty
PublisherBiotonus Clinic
StudioBiotonus Clinic
TitleRelaxman Relaxation Capsule

Be the first in the U.S. to own one of the finest relaxation devices invented. Used in health clinics all over Europe. Designed by the world famous Biotonus Clinic in Switzerland specifically for relaxation and stress reduction. The custom designed Relaxman is completely heat, light, and sound proof, providing total isolation for the ideal environmental therapy. Inside, the heated water mattress stays at body temperature while soothing, preprogrammed music and lights take you into a deep state of relaxation. Research shows that a 50 minute rest in the negative ion-enriched atmosphere effectively helps reduce tension, anxiety, depression and fatigue. Also helps combat jet lag and sleep imbalance. 10'L x 5'6"W x 4'6"H. Relaxman will be shipped from Switzerland to your door with separate charges to be estimated based on location.

This Sleeps pods are the perfect place to recharge yourself when you a quick nap. Each pod features with fold out doors located at the end for easy access. Comes with mattress and spacious interior.