Samsung UN55MU6490 TV

Samsung continues to deliver and upgrade its TVs every time. It is extremely difficult to get bored with what they must offer because extra features get built-in that keeps the public informed. The Samsung UN55MU6490   has that uniqueness. What’s more, it is part of the new curved design range.

A very affordable option at a fair price range which doesn’t mean the features are lacking. Available in, 55, 65 and 75 inches, with LCD Panel accompanied with 4K resolution, and a new equivalent HDR Pro feature, accompanied with superb color palette and vibrant performance, we give you the Samsung UN55MU6490.


Out of the TVs we have picked out and reviewed, the UN55MU6490 is hands down the most stylistic and vibrant. The inner curved design possesses an outer-rim that is acutely thin with a frame combination of a glossy frame in black and an outer silver metallic trim. The design just gives it that premium look that you would not get bored of. Walking into your room, this TV would stand out like no other. The TV stand is also built in an inner curved shape, developed like a boomerang shape. Sometimes, having a weird shape is better than something simple. Sitting back on watching TV at night is where it can really be appreciated, as the gloss frame shines through.


Our Rating  : A AzoneKing-check-price-at-amazon-6button-37x109Rating 4.4Azoneking-yellow-star-imdb - Reviews 30


You may look at the outer design of the TV and wonder whether the Sound would be the affected feature. That is untrue. Sure, the quality isn’t as eccentric, but it still excels and is quite sharp. It is clean, crystal and very enjoyable with its 2 x 10W speakers, that are accompanied with Bass Boost, Digital Optical Audio output and surround sound. At mid-range, it is very clear and detailed. A small flaw is how loud the volume can be placed. It may not be as loud as you think but that should not be a deterrent.

It is not a world-beater and lacks options in terms of dynamics, but it is not something to be concerned about, unless you want variety, purchase a soundbar or external speakers.

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Picture Quality and Viewing


Our Rating  : A  AzoneKing-check-price-at-amazon-6button-37x109Rating 4.4Azoneking-yellow-star-imdb - Reviews 30

There is plenty to admire, which isn’t a surprise with a Samsung model. Everything about the UN55MU6490 is perfect. Do not mistake perfect ultra quality across all its image features. Samsung can perfect and adjust all its settings into a default set to deliver excellent quality as soon as you use it.

The conversion of HD, to Ultra HD resolution and 4K, is exceptional and sharper. The conversion is clear to see, although even a downgrade of Full HD is sharp enough. The black performance is impressive and clouding is unnoticeable. With excellent contrast and brightness, it works hand in hand with the HDR Pro feature. The HDR Pro feature adds an extra dynamic to the picture quality that heightens the picture’s dynamics, to provide exceptional quality between the balance of the correct contrast during light time and bright whites during night time.  This minimizes the low latency and image blur. The refresh rate stands at 120Hz which is exceptional because the pixels are pushed into the image on display to maintain quality when image movement occurs. The viewing angles are not the best, however. Moving out to the side diminishes the picture quality you would see from a straight angle. It’s for excellent viewing at a straight angle, but with large gatherings around the TV the quality is mixed. The Edge LED back-lighting enhances the color display. With the option to decrease the display size, the TV has such a high pixel density that hand-in-hand provides the extra crystal sharpness together with its sharp resolution.


The connections linked to the TV comes with a difference. The UE55MU8000 is accompanied with its own connectivity box to link to the TV. Whether this is a hassle is something to think about. The connectivity box is accompanied with three HDMI ports, two USB ports at 2.0, AV Composite, video output component and a digital optical output. The TV itself includes minimal ports for Ethernet and an extra USB port. There is the ability to connect the external speakers or any other external hardware through to the TV from the box. There are no extra Audio Connectivity ports, that allow you to link the TV speakers sound to a soundbar or external speakers. When linking HDMI to a laptop, the TV speakers will adopt.

Other Features

An excellent looking interface that provides all SMART features such as Netflix, Amazon Video with the use of catch-up and streaming services. All streaming services are shown in the form of 4K and HDR, thankfully, so the quality is nothing to worry about. When configuring the home-screen, the TV will save your selections and produce direct-links to save you time. A very logical feature. The TV comes with two remotes, a normal TV function remote and a SMART remote to control the SMART interface. The remote includes a voice feature command that allows you to send commands from your voice to the TV.


  • Excellent Ultra HD Resolution
  • Sharp 4K Conversion
  • Excellent contrast and brightness
  • Great sound capabilities
  • Stylish design


  • Viewing angles could be better
  • Lighting features lack


The Verdict

As always with Samsung models, the UN55MU6490 picture quality is fantastic, sharp and responsive along with excellent contrast. The detail is severely impacted by the excellent contrast and brightness balancing, and it is very noticeable. The crystal detail is a joy to behold and is excellent to watch the world cup with. Its dynamic, lush in color and clear in sound. An all-around effective TV that really stands out.