Samsung UN65MU8500 4K SMART TV

We’ve picked out another Samsung product, simply because they are miles ahead of many other companies in producing curved design models. Samsung UN65MU8500 4K Smart TV introduces a curved design that really stands out against any competition. The MU8500 has received a full makeover compared to its previous 4K models. Although the features are the same, the design is a significant upgrade. It’s distinguishing factor is of course the curved development, with HDR/SDR display, excellent Ultra HD. This model is excellent in design and quality, especially for the affordable price.


When this TV is set up in your room, the difference is there for all to see. There is a reason why we introduced the UN65MU8500 4K Smart TV, and it is not hard to see why. The look is something to fall in love with, not just because it’s curved, although that does play a huge part. It is handsomely built and elegant, but surprisingly lightweight. The TV outer-rim is designed with thin bezels, coated in a silver metallic color, to provide a wider viewing experience. The “360” curved design is supported with a silver stand that has two wider legs to support the weight as the TV curves. It was tested to see if the stand could be built narrower, but the resistance of the TV would not last very long. Cable Management is also available towards the left of the back of the TV and can be routed through the left side. This will be discussed later.


Our Rating  : A
AzoneKing-check-price-at-amazon-6button-37x109Rating 4.6Azoneking-yellow-star-imdb - Reviews 117


The sound could potentially be better, although it is far from poor at the same time. At maximum volume, the sound will not be as sharp as others, although the quality can be classed as normal and acceptable quality with less than average distortion. The TV is powered with four 10W full range speakers, with dynamic options with Dolby Digital Plus and DTS Premium Sound 5.1. It is not exactly sharp but it is very clear on a minimal setting and minimal volume. It is reasonably detailed say when listening to music or general sound, but the lack of sharpness could push you to purchase an external speaker. For watching football, it shouldn’t be a major issue to contend with.

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Picture Quality

Simply excellent is the right word for it. Samsung continues to focus on producing brightly lit, crystal picture quality. It delivers Ultra HD, HDR quality at a resolution of 3840x2160p, with edge-lit backlighting to maintain brightness during darker surroundings. The response rate is astounding. At 120Hz, the picture motion is as sharp as you’ll ever find. The pixel response is acutely low to maintain smoothness, even with fast moving images, taking football for example. The juddering and blur capabilities can also be managed in a built-in setting that by default is set to 0. A weird concept considering nobody would want to set it to more than 0, but nonetheless, it’s there. The inner detail is crystal clear with Ultra HD and the built-in VA panel technology to maintain good viewing angles. As you can imagine, curved TV’s are not well known for its viewing angle quality, hence the use of VA which maintains the quality as best as it can. The HDR performance is excellent, where glare is kept to a minimum in bright areas and maintains a high dynamic picture quality. The peak brightness was measured as good as well. The color density sits at 10-bit which delivers 1 billion shades to make the color gradient smooth.

Connectivity and Cable Management


Our Rating  : A
AzoneKing-check-price-at-amazon-6button-37x109Rating 4.6Azoneking-yellow-star-imdb - Reviews 117

As mentioned above, the Samsung MU8500 provides the ability to route cables. Samsung is focusing on delivering separate connectivity boxes alongside connections in the TV. This TV comes with a OneConnect box to house all the serial ports. The OneConnect box can be stored away in a cabinet that leaves the running cables to stick out. Your TV area will be kept tidy and minimize any mess. The OneConnect box comes with four HDMI inputs, three USB inputs, ethernet, the optical audio output including ethernet. There are no AV or VGA components.  Bluetooth and built-in wi-fi are also available for general browsing and wireless external connections to external gadgets, such as speakers or soundbars.

Other Features

The Samsung UN65MU8500 has its own built-in Tizen SMART system called Smart Hub that supports all the norm features including Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video. With streaming services streamed in 4K. Extra apps can be downloaded with its own Apps menu and the interface to do so makes it very simple to download. During navigations within the SMART system, any selections you make are saved as shortcuts for you to re-visit later. For general entertainment and movie purposes, you catch them in 3D if you purchase separate 3D glasses. The navigation is simple and is upgraded with an incredible voice command feature that performs actions with your own voice! The SmartHub interface is simple to use, with shortcuts and a quick menu under focus to provide quick settings access. The accompanying remote control has a few buttons but includes voice control and is very responsive.


  • Excellent Ultra HD Resolution
  • Very rich in connectivity
  • Excellent Refresh Rate
  • Excellent dynamic settings
  • Perfectly styled curved design


  • Viewing angles could be better

The Verdict

The crystal-clear picture quality and sharp image movement are the two big features of the UN65MU8500. The picture quality is kept sharp and crystal during fast image motion and movement. A curved design is the new craze these days and it is gives the design something extra. The only concern of buying curved TV’s is that the wide viewing angles are not as great as straight TV’s. Samsung continues to amaze with the picture quality. It is nothing short of exceptional. Perfect image motion, no image blur, nor latency, and whether you watch fast moving pictures or slow, the quality shines right through. The remote-control voice setting is one of fun and technologically updated. This means, that you don’t need to pick up the remote and point to the setting or channel, but simply request it from the voice control and it will navigate through itself. The sound is acceptable for viewing and has some dynamic options to select from.

Personally, this would be a purchase for its design alone. It stands out in front of straight TV’s and you get amazing quality to go with it. It is very rare that you will receive a curved Samsung TV at an affordable price!