Sony XBR65X900F 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

We have identified the Sony XBR55X800B as an exceptional TV that delivers excellent color density and a supremely realistic 4K HDR entertainment pictures. As soon as this TV was delivered into our very eyes, what stood out the most was the smooth picture movement and sharp graphical detail when watching football. Image motion and movement are fast and constant, yet the quality on screen did not diminish when watching, and neither did the detail smudge, distort and lag on screen. It is no wonder why we have picked a Sony model which we believe is one of the best 4K TVs on the market today.


You could say big TV designs are difficult to determine. The BRAVIA KD75XF9005BU is generally good in its design with an outer silver-coating aluminum rim, with two outer legs used for robust support. Behind the screen are the connectivity ports which allows you to carefully manage your cables and keep them tidy. There isn’t much else you can take from the design, other than the silver-coating to give it that more appealing look from an external view.



Our Rating  : A
AzoneKing-check-price-at-amazon-6button-37x109Rating 4.2Azoneking-yellow-star-imdb - Reviews 35

The sound decent and it does give you a distinct experience, but it could be better. Its outer sound is developed with a 4-channel speaker system on an Acoustic surface, accompanied with two built-in speakers both measured at 10W each with many sound listening options, such as Digital DTS and outer surround sound. To really make most of the sound capabilities, if you have external speakers, link the TV to external speakers with a capacity of 100-200W on the Surround Sound option. The sound becomes crystal and with fans screaming on TV, it will feel like you’re inside the stadium. Although the sound from its built-in speakers may not be crystal clear, the TV has the option for you to improve on it yourself. The 3 dimensions of sound will give you a rich vein of options to enjoy it.

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Picture Quality and Viewing


Our Rating  : A
AzoneKing-check-price-at-amazon-6button-37x109Rating 4.2Azoneking-yellow-star-imdb - Reviews 35

The picture and graphical quality of the XBR65X900F is a joy to behold, not just for sports, but for any kind of entertainment. Accompanied with 4K HDR Processor with Dolby vision support, makes all image-stills and movement intricate. As mentioned above, there is no latency or image lag and neither do the images stutter. The response rate is sharp and fast you will struggle to locate any lags or slow-moving images, even if you try your ultra hardest by watching something fast paced. Thanks to 4K Ultra HD, standing at an amazing resolution of 3840 x 2160, you can enjoy the two distinct qualities one during the day and night. This means that the TV has two different complexities in which the brightness and contrast differ depending on its surroundings, keeping the quality strong at any time of the day. All image movements are sharply managed by X-Motion Clarity technology to minimize any blurring detail and maintain clear viewing, contrast and brightness. The color detail is also outstanding with a 10-bit panel displaying over 1 billion colors. especially in Ultra HD which really gives the experience an edge. Don’t just use this TV for watching football however, because the intricate quality suits entertainment, cinema-type surroundings and a general home-pleaser for pleasant watching.

The Sony XBR65X900F also caters for large gatherings surrounding the TV, by ensuring the picture quality is as sharp from a wide angle as you would watch it from the side. The graphics are kept sharp no matter what kind of angle you watch it from. The color density and saturation might dip slightly, along with the contrast but Its barely noticeable.

Connectivity & Cable Management


Our Rating  : A
AzoneKing-check-price-at-amazon-6button-37x109Rating 4.2Azoneking-yellow-star-imdb - Reviews 35

Cables, a chore when linking up your TV. But you don’t need to worry too much about on this occasion. The XBR65X900F is accompanied with a cable stand that allows you to hold all your cables together inside the cable holder. You can connect your external speakers, your consoles all in one and the cables will be unnoticeable. A tidy, linked up TV, what more could you possibly want?

Onto the connectivity, the TV is built-in with 4 HDMI 2.0a that are HDCP 2.2 compatible to connect to 4k video sources, 3 USB inputs, minijack headphone output, optical digital audio output that passes through Dolby Digital and a single Ethernet port for wired links. Audio streaming and external speakers can link to Bluetooth.

Other Features

The TV isn’t restricted for Live TV. There are many different accompanied features that allow you to enjoy your experience to the full. Enjoy built-in Smart TV features such as Amazon links, Netflix, YouTube and browse online internet. The graphics and picture quality will continue to amaze no matter what you watch. The internet connection can be integrated through a wireless router. Downloading TV programs or movies are possible with built-in 16GB storage and what’s more, your phone can be easily linked to the TV via the likes of chrome-cast to watch TV from your phone. What’s more, even if you don’t have chrome-cast or a device that links your phone to the TV, simply use Bluetooth. You can link wireless speakers, headphones or even a gaming environment to this TV. Other built-in small features include the use of USB recording, HDR and Game modes.

Finally, we leave you with one last feature that brings out the best football experience. The Sports Mode. The Sports Mode gives a unique stadium surround sound that spreads the noise from the TV around your room, feeling like you’re watching the match inside the stadium.

The capabilities of this TV are enormous, so enjoy it to the full.


  • Excellent Graphics and Image Quality
  • X-Motion reduction of blur and latency
  • Ability to transmit excellent sound through internal speakers
  • Perfect for entertainment
  • Sharp and Responsive
  • Good viewing angles
  • üExcellent Refresh Rate


  • Basic design
  • No use of Webcam
  • Sound options could be broader


The Verdict

The XBR65X900F is an excellent choice to watch the movies and TV shows because it’s not just built to watch football, but It’s fantastic for all kinds of entertainment and the picture detail at any viewing angle is so vibrant. What most impressed me was the response rate and sharpness during image still’s and movement. When watching football, the cameras tend to update at close precision when taking a throw, or a corner kick. As the image still changes, the sharpness is there for all to see. There is no lagging, no image blur and the detail is intricate on screen, it feels like you’re experiencing whatever is on screen, live. Sit back and enjoy this quality 4K TV and what it must offer.