Top 12 Best Gaming Desks

If you’re a heavy & engrossed hard-core gamer, then a gaming desk is an essential component to place your gaming systems & accessories on. Not only do they offer quality results to go with your entertainment, a gaming desk gives you that stylish design for that extra cool look.

Are you after a gaming desk that is strong, delivers style & substance that regular desks don’t offer? Well, let us help you! You will find everything you need to know, here!

Gaming Desks come in many shapes & sizes and it can be very difficult to determine which gaming desk suits the gamers experience and setting. As a gamer, you invest in desks to provide it with the missing piece of your gaming experience. It is unusual to match your gaming quality without a stylistic-looking gaming desk to match. When you have one, everything can be accessed and setup on one desk such as joysticks, controllers, monitors, keypads and headphones, all inclusive with an upgraded style, look and feel to reignite your gaming experience.

Many considerations that need to be thought of to make that all-important quality choice. Here are some key areas we’ve highlighted:

  • Appearance, Shape and Fit
  • Getting Value for Money
  • Storage
  • Compatibility and Connectivity
  • Ergonomics

Here, we have highlighted the Top 12 Gaming Desks for 2019. We will help you choose the appropriate size, shape, appearance, value, storage and more, all for a cost that suits you.

Are you ready for the 12 best gaming desks? Scroll down and let’s read on!

1. Atlantic 33935701 Gaming Desk


The Atlantic Gaming Desk is our first pick. The space available for its use in a confided desk space is one of the qualities that the 33935701 possesses. Its design allows storage for multiple monitors, books, a stack of games and controllers. From afar, it fits more like furniture rather than known as a gaming desk, which is exactly what you as a gamer would look for.

The Atlantic Gaming desk isn’t built to specifically cater for just gaming and accessories, but even consoles, monitors and laptops. With a silver-metallic steel and carbon fibre finish at the surface top, the high-quality desk is built to carry heavy weight of up to 40 pounds without showing any signs of distinctive weakness. The desk comes with an array of storage areas within the legs and on top of the desk itself, with areas to hold your controllers and games accompanied with a storage stand to keep the monitor in solid stilt. The desk supports monitors up to a staggering 32″, showing off its robustness.

Other features that accompany the Atlantic Desk is the use of a charging stand to allow charging of portable devices such as speakers connected to the desk to enrich that gaming experience, headphones and controller stands. The elevated flat panel allows you to use two monitors at the same time, even when charging other accessories and devices. Its clustered space will be much more appreciated, and its sleek design gives the room a stylistic look and feel.

Our Rating : A AzoneKing-check-price-at-amazon-6button-37x109Rating 4.5Azoneking-yellow-star-imdb – Reviews 2342

  • All gaming essentials can be stored in one central space
  •  Sturdy, sleek and strongly built
  • Lightweight look & feel, yet built to manage heavy weight
  • Metallic steel table top
  • Charging ports and elevated stands


  • Lack of small storage compartments in areas underneath the desk

The amount of equipment and gaming accessories the desk can hold as storage is one of the good points along with its material build. The remarkable thing about the Atlantic desk is that in such a compounded space, it can fit many things. Even if gamers play games with more than one monitor, it is still capable of holding that. This desk is a very heavy performer and manages a gaming experience all within touching distance. The design will also give the gaming room something different. Most gamers look for more a lot of space, but the efficiency this desk brings means that space can be utilized without taking too much space within the room. Although from afar it looks expensive, it does not cost as much as you think. It accommodates for even the smallest room too. A very worthwhile purchase and will fit perfectly in any kind of room.

2. EvoDesk Adjustable Standing Desk


Recently listed as one of the best Gaming Desks on the market, we present the Evodesk Gaming Desk. With an uncomplicated and beautifully basic design that is built with a solid table top material, it’s incredibly spacious. Its unique concave edge design assists your arms when in use to reduce strains or aches, promoting excellent ergonomics.

A unique plus-point the EvoDesk provides is a manual framing system, which allows you to adjust the height and build of the gaming desk. Whilst being very easy to assemble, the desk is adjustable, so you can game whilst standing. The three different pre-set modes you can choose from are recycled wood, genuine, and genuine bamboo.

The desk can handle a large amount of weight including two big monitors, a gaming mouse, a gaming keyboard and headphones. Your sound system can also be integrated as well, giving it that extra spice to the gaming room. The desk has a separate stand for the keyboard, with the frame system located on the bottom right to control it. The amount of space it has means you as the gamer have your hands full on set-up but presents an array of ways to design your gaming space.

From a connectivity standpoint, all wires behind the desk can be kept tidy as it includes a vanity cover to hide all your wires. One thing to be mindful of is to not slide any equipment across the surface of the desk as it is prone to scratches, although very minimal that you won’t see them. An excellent choice built to deliver for the hard-core gamer.

Our Rating : A AzoneKing-check-price-at-amazon-6button-37x109Rating 4.4Azoneking-yellow-star-imdb – Reviews 30

  • Solid and Sustainable material
  •  Very spacious providing a variety of set-up options
  • A unique framing system to adjust the desk
  • Can be converted into a standing desk
  • Ergonomic friendly


  • Susceptible to scratches if hard material is used on it.

The Verdict
You cannot go far wrong with a gaming desk that was given the title as ‘best on the market’. Its assembled pattern has many components to it but when assembled it is very sturdy and strong when weight is placed on it. A great desk for smooth movement, the only concern relates to the wear and tear of the desk which in the long-term can chip away at the material. The eccentric point about the desk is that, no matter how many wired accessories are stored on the desk, the vanity cover takes care of that. The Evodesk happens to offer unique features which are provided at a very reasonable cost. It would be an excellent choice, but ensure it is looked after, especially for long-term use. The framing system is a key reason why this desk has come up trumps.

3. Walker Edison Soreno3-piece Corner Desk


The Soreno 3-piece corner desk introduces our L-Shaped desk range, coming with a very low cost and excess space. With a sleek and smooth appearance, it’s made of durable smooth steel. From a-far it looks expensively assembled for its price, which will catch the buyer’s attention.

Onto the design, its solid table-top material comes with polished tempered safety glass and a durable steel frame. It’s a compact build that is ideal to assemble for a corner space of your room. The desk can also be broken up into two separate straight desks. It can handle excess weight up to 30 pounds which allows for multiple monitors, consoles and other gaming accessories. The tempered safety glass enhances its durability and keeps it clean.

A useful feature for gamers is that the desk also comes with its own dedicated CPU stand and keyboard tray. A sliding keyboard is a nice addition although not eye-catching. One area of concern for gamers is the storage and setup of all gaming accessories, as there is no storage space situated underneath the desk with shelves or drawers, although separate drawers can be purchased as a storage resolution. This isn’t a problem if you prefer small compact spaces however, because this desk is ideal for it. Although there is no wire management so it’s up to you to keep it neat and tidy.

Our Rating : A AzoneKing-check-price-at-amazon-6button-37x109Rating 4.4Azoneking-yellow-star-imdb – Reviews 30

  • Extremely durable and smooth material
  • Sliding keyboard tray makes the desk suitable for any area of the room
  • The L-Shaped desk can be split into two separate desks
  • Can carry multiple monitors and accessories
  • Enough leg room
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Proper adjustable computer table chair for this desk
  • Poor case stand
  • If not looked after, the surface can become chipped quickly

The fit of the Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece desk is somewhat perfect. It has very strong durability and is very spacious. With your own CPU stand and keyboard tray, these are extra capable additions that allow for the extra space to be used up to add more monitors or have a dual gaming setup. The cost of the desk is also reasonable and with the features that the desk possesses, along with the sleek design, it is a very worthwhile choice if you like small and compact spaces, especially due to its design which will match any hard-core gaming environment. The only concern is for the long-term, where the desk is susceptible to produce scratches and chips, so it is important to regularly keep the desk clean.

4. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk


Arozzi, a Swedish company founded in 2013, has come up with a sleek Z-Shaped designed gaming desk with a 20mm thick fiberboard, secured on a steel frame that has two height adjustable legs, available in many colors! A spacious gaming desk that has a curved front, the Arozzi Arena allows up to 3 monitors across it and accepts other accessories to load up onto the desk without any fear of erosion or breakage. It also allows for a gaming keyboard to be accommodated. It’s simple-looking yet elegant and was the go-to gaming desk when the market was scarce.

With a width of 14 square foot and weighing at approximately 85 pounds, the surface is rock-solid and is accompanied with a mouse pad that is water resistant. The additional benefits are that the desk includes cable management and monitor armholes, so the use of wired gaming accessories should be no problem in maintaining a tidy desk. With dimensions of height and width adjustments, it’s excellent for space management and there will be no issues with space problems.

You can even place an Xbox360 or a PlayStation 3 on the desk; it will never feel out of place on this desk. Its color codes and design allows the gamer to equip the gamer with a proper setup. This is no ordinary gaming desk. It is designed specifically for the hard-core gamer and is our budget choice.

Our Rating : A AzoneKing-check-price-at-amazon-6button-37x109Rating 4.4Azoneking-yellow-star-imdb – Reviews 30

  • The ability of height and width adjustment features
  • Excellent space management with the ability to handle up to 3 monitors
  • Simple design yet strong in stature
  • Cable Management
  • Not eye-catching in design
  • Adding other accessories do not have matching colors

The Arrozi Arena Gaming desk, in no uncertain terms, fits the part of a gaming experience. It’s simply designed, yet its colors and material gives it a look and feel of a gamer. It has plenty of space to set up multiple monitors and accessories and with a height adjustment it can be adjusted to cater for standing if needed. It is one that most gamers would enjoy and one of the best you can find. Although it does not look exciting, it’s one to consider for the hard-core gamer, mainly due to its affordability and simplicity. The basic design and color scheme are what shows off to the gamer. It is an excellent looking product that meets gaming experience needs.

5. Atlantic 33950212 Gaming Desk Pro


We’ve picked out another from the Atlantic Desk range. The 33950212 Gaming Desk Pro has a shape like a trapezoid legged desk that looks simple and small but offers a clustered yet efficient space. It comes with additional storage for accessories such as tablet/phone holders, games, and controllers.

The design is stylish and modern, with crossed-over legs on both sides to introduce a unique X-shape. The sturdy cross bracing of the legs provides more sturdiness and balance to an already heavy weighted desk, made from wood and metal poles, yet extremely durable. Underneath the top surface comes a storage basket mainly used for gaming accessories and cable channels to filter cables through the desk. There is enough space for a single gaming set including two monitors, games consoles and its accessories alike. There is plenty of space for speakers, with speaker holders also as part of the furniture.

The total unit weighs approximately 44 pounds, which is a solid weight which can accept a maximum monitor size of 32”. A charging station is also available with the desk along with cable ducting channels at the back of the desk, where the cables can be kept nice and tidy.

It’s design, build and weight demonstrate a solid desk for your gaming experience. Its elements allow a simple-to-assemble gaming desk that would suit any gaming room. Running a mouse over the surface will not tarnish the material, so rest assured the material cannot be chipped easily. In addition to a gaming monitor and console, there is plenty of room for a keyboard and a laptop to accompany.

Our Rating : A AzoneKing-check-price-at-amazon-6button-37x109Rating 4.4Azoneking-yellow-star-imdb – Reviews 30

  • Solid cable management component
  • A design which gives any room “the gaming look”
  • Able to fit multiple gaming setups and extra accessories
  • A great amount of space
  • Sturdy, strong and well balanced
  • Reduction in holding capacity compared to other Atlanic products

The desk is affordable, well priced and would be a terrific addition to any gaming room. For entertainment purposes, this is also a useful product. As mentioned before, the desk would certainly appeal to the hard-core gamer. There are not many weaknesses that can be taken from this, other than when moving it, it is recommended to be carried instead of dragged as chip marks could occur. The storage is a key component in a space that is more clustered than many others, but it’s an efficient desk to utilize the space better and to not take up too much space within a room.

6. E-Blue USA Wireless Glowing LED PC Gaming Desk


The E-Blue USA Wireless Desk epitomizes hardcore gaming as the first ever glow lighting desk for gamers. It comes with LED lighting zones built on the sides of the desks offering a glow effect, which can be controlled with a built-in LED control panel, or an accompanied wireless remote. Made of medium density fiber, its build includes two legs connected to all four corners of the desk, with an additional leg stand going across the legs for better support. Its exceptional design comes with an extended desktop to provide excellent ergonomics with arm and hand support.

All gaming peripherals can be fitted onto the desk. The legs are built like an L-Shape to allow foot movement. Weight at approximately 45 pounds, it is strong, sturdy and caters for a complete gaming package. The sides provide extra stability to the legs if a lot of weight is ploughed onto the table. It is recommended that a maximum of two monitors are used along with the gaming components.

One concern for gamers when it’s bought is the lack of a manual to assemble the desk, which might prove to be a turn-off for some gamers, although, in today’s world, gamers are not too far away from the internet to produce the manual. Its durability, color codes along with its design gives it a thoroughly attractive gaming look that can be upgraded to other styles and colors at a click of some buttons. Although on the expensive side, the unique elements of the desk are a joy to behold for its value. However, it is something the gamer would need to decide, but be prepared to fork out money.

Our Rating : A AzoneKing-check-price-at-amazon-6button-37x109Rating 4.4Azoneking-yellow-star-imdb – Reviews 30

  • First ever Glowing and LED Lighting effect desk
  • Sturdy and Strong support
  • Good arm and hand support
  • Quite on the expensive side


Another gaming design that is designed for gamers alone. It is highly unlikely to be used for an office environment. The good thing about the desk is the height and width is acutely designed to allow for long gaming hours. Along with the color and glow effect, it would give the room a glowing look to provide the room with. It is quite expensive, however, and whether it is worth the price is a lottery. It is excellent looking and has everything a gamer would need, but whether it is worth the price is a decision that lies solely in the hands of the gamer.

7. Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk


The Origami RDE-01 is a perfect compact desk for smaller rooms. It’s build enables you to assemble and fold it should you wish to put it in your compartment. A durable, spacious and versatile gaming computer desk, it is considered as a great backup desk to use for things other than gaming.

The design is simple yet classical, with a black table top made of wood and its body made from pure solid metal. The RDE-01 looks lightweight, but, it is far from it. It can hold up to an astonishing 250 pounds, 75 pounds per leg, meaning many gaming components and accessories can be placed without any solidity issues. Gaming accessories can also be placed underneath the body of the desk where on both sides of the leg are some extra storage shelves available. As sturdy and strong as the shelves are (as strong as the wooden top), there should be no concerns with the allocated space. It is plenty for the average gamer to maintain an exceptional gaming experience. All peripherals can be set up within a singular space.

It is a simple desk to put together and can be used for any kinds of activities at any place at any time. It can be stored virtually anywhere and carried around with you. This is a distinct appealing point of the desk, where its sturdiness cannot be underestimated for a folding desk. It is as strong as many other static desks in the current market.

Our Rating : A AzoneKing-check-price-at-amazon-6button-37x109Rating 4.4Azoneking-yellow-star-imdb – Reviews 30

• Fold-able and can be used and put away at any time without re-assembling
• It maintains a high volume of weight
• Strong and Solid
• Extra storage under the body including ventilation to keep components cool
• Easy to clean
• The height of the desk is static and cannot be changed
• Lack of keyboard stand or shelf

At a glance, Origami RDE-01 looked basic and light, however, I cannot be more wrong. This is a great desk to purchase and is one you can count on. It doesn’t look fancy, its design is simple and classical, but that is only an issue if the gamer is after a more stylistic design look and feel. In terms of usage and storage, this is one of the best on the market. Although like most desks it does not include a keyboard tray or shelf, the desk space available for it can counter that. All gaming accessories can be placed in many places and still allow for the desk to be kept tidy. A very good choice with better features and easy to operate, it’s already assembled in a package for you to use straightaway.

8. DX Racer DGD/1000/NR Newedge Gaming Desk


The DXRacer brand is well known for the creation of gaming chairs. On this occasion, the DX Racer DGD/1000/NR Newedge Gaming Desk is a new product out of its quality range. The design of the DGD/1000/NR is pretty one the eye and unique in color code, with the table-top formed with natural wood. The frame is built with solid steel accompanied with a storage capability to allow multiple monitors, consoles, keyboards and other accessories to fit for the ultimate gaming setup.

The bars are positioned to allow the desk to stand upright on uneven surfaces. At the back of the desk is fabric piece made from carbon fiber to allow for wire management. The back also has two separate holes to allow for another method to manage cables. You are in no danger of having a messy and unorganized gaming setup. The Green rim color on the sides to accompany the black body gives the desk a lasting impression of appearance.

Weighing at 80 pounds, it is relatively heavy. However, the heavier the desk, the more solidity when weight is placed on it. It is relatively simple to assemble but it must be balanced properly to ensure the surface is even. More detail on the storage capability, at least two 24” monitors can be placed alongside, which emphasizes just how much space there is. A reviewer from had the experience of placing large monitors alongside two side speakers to accompany, that still reserves space for other accessories. The desk may take up a lot of the room at one angle, but it will also provide the room with a special glow. It is also priced reasonably on the market.

Our Rating : A AzoneKing-check-price-at-amazon-6button-37x109Rating 4.4Azoneking-yellow-star-imdb – Reviews 30

• An attractive looking design with a blend of excellent color choice.
• A solid steel-frame build and wooden top
• Useful Cable Management
• Incredibly spacious for all gaming needs
• Can be difficult to assemble
• Lack of desk ergonomics

The most important detail I come to now is the cost of the desk. Looking at the key concepts of the desk; its solidity, its space, and design delivers a solid impression of a perfect platform. At a minimum price of $300 and maximum $400, which could fluctuate depending on the choice of color, it has more solid points than bad points. The desk is long to be admired and has many advantages for it to be a solid purchase.

9. Eureka Z60 Gaming Desk


The Eureka Z60 has had significant comparisons to the Arozza Arena Gaming Desk, a sleek and stylish looking Z-Shaped design that is another top option for the hardcore gamer. It’s comparisons to the Arozzi Arena is due to the table-top design and appearance, although the space it provides is more compact, but is certainly offers a credible amount of space.

Measuring up at 60-inches wide and 30-inches deep, the Eureka Z60 is built with carbon fiber texture for extra strength and stability, with RGB LED lights to add an extra dynamic to your gaming room. It offers a selection of single-color show or multi-color show to add a glowing effect. Although the desk itself offers limited color schemes, it comes with an extra-large gaming mouse pad and can fit a maximum of 3 monitors. You can also upgrade to add an extra adjustable gaming keyboard tray.

It is very rare that gaming desks are built with all these features at a more affordable cost compared to the Arozzi Arena. It is durable and can manage heavy weight effectively, even if you adjust the height to a standing setting, although it lacks any cable management features which really shouldn’t matter considering the high-tech features that come with it. From a connectivity standpoint what really stands out is you can input your USB into a connected gaming console or laptop, and watch your room light up.

Our Rating : A AzoneKing-check-price-at-amazon-6button-37x109Rating 4.5Azoneking-yellow-star-imdb – Reviews 29

• RGB LED lighting to add a dynamic effect

• Extra-large gaming pad with optional gaming keyboard tray

• Strong, durable and manages heavy weight

• Elevate and adjust height that promotes ergonomics

• Value for money


•A lack of cable management capability

•No gaming keyboard tray as part of the package


 The Verdict

You could say that the Eureka Z60 is the more affordable choice if you compare it to the sister product, Arozzi Arena. Comparing both, the best choice would be the Eureka Z60. Although there is only a single color scheme to choose from, the high-tech features are like the Arozzi Arena yet at a more affordable price. The RGD LED lights makes your gaming room stand out to enhance your experience, and its extremely solid and robust, so much that you can adjust the height of your desk even with heavy weight placed on it without any worry of wobbling. It’s stylistic look and feel is just a bonus. A niggling issue experienced is when you want to turn off the LED lights, the lights are built in a specific order and you’ll need to go right through all color modes to turn it off. It’s very responsive, however, so this shouldn’t be a concern. If you’re a hardcore gamer, consider purchasing this and you won’t be disappointed.

10. Tribesigns Modern Simple Computer Desk


A strong, open-concept contemporary design desk, if you’re looking for a professional, office type desk to play games, then this would not be a bad purchase at all. Its metal frame and track-type legs ensure robust stability and no danger of shaking or tilting due to the sheer strength of the frame. The material of the desk is made of stainless steel, with the table-top made from Particle Board, which is extremely solid and scratch resistant. The appeal for purchasing the Tribesigns Modern Single desk have been solely for its design and look.

The TribeSigns desk is 23.6 inches wide, which is plenty of space for a gaming setup, but it is recommended that one monitor is placed due to the compact space, although it is still plenty. There is also room for extra accessories to be placed on top of the desk, and underneath towards both sides. The leg room underneath the desk is worth noting. If you are a tall person, you would have no problem in stretching your legs out.

The TribeSigns desk you could say can be more accommodated for a bright living room rather than a closed or compact gaming room. It may not match the gaming components or provide the gamer with the gaming look, but you would virtually have no problem in maintenance or looking after the desk, as the desks material withstands from all rustiness, scratches or roughness, so no extra care is really required.


Our Rating : A AzoneKing-check-price-at-amazon-6button-37x109Rating 4.4Azoneking-yellow-star-imdb – Reviews 30

• The build and metal frame mean robust stability
• Scratch and water resistant
• Compact yet useful space size
• Lack of storage space underneath the table-top

The TribeSigns desk is one of those professional, contemporary desks that simply does the job. It’s strong, sleek and can hold heavy weight. One advantage about it is if you’re looking for a long-term purchase that wouldn’t need replacing in a couple of years, and then this is the one to choose, simply because of the sturdy material of the build. Admittedly, it is not a design that alerts the attention of the gamer to purchase for their gaming environment, but with its specification, you will see exactly why it’s a worthwhile purchase.

11. ApexDesk Elite Series 71” Electric Standing Desk


ApexDesk Elite Series 71” Electric Standing Desk is another unique product with a capable height adjustment that can be set at the gamers discretion. A high-quality desk that in some quarters is over-delivering based on the value set in the market. As you have probably already guessed, the ApexDesk has a smooth adjusting height mechanism. What’s more? It is electric! All electric controls to manage the height adjustment can be found on the bottom right-hand side of the desk, via a set of motion buttons. The height adjustment reaches up to 51”. The shape of the desk is an ergonomic shape, to ensure that it flows with a straight posture of the body. It has been designed for the gamers comfort in mind. The product comes with a steel frame to stabilize the desk and avoid any shakes and unsteadiness. Also, when the desk is adjusted in height, raised or lowered, the steel frame will maintain the sturdiness of the desk. It is strong, stable and fits perfectly in a gaming room. The desk comes in many colors, more so to allow the gamer to choose the color that suits their gaming environment.

Weighing at approximately 160 pounds, the ApexDesk Elite Series Desk (admittedly quite heavy) is judged to be one of the best in hardware stability and durability. It is very reliable and solid. The width space is broad that it can fit up to three monitors within the gaming setup, along with a keyboard, mouse and other gaming accessories to fit. There is no issue with regards to space.

What’s more, the desk also has two holes, to allow the ability to gather all the wires and run them through the holes and keep them tidy at the back of the desk. To make the desk look and design more stand-out, multiple colors are available to enhance the gaming environment, including White, Red or Black. However, it can be difficult to assemble at first.

Our Rating : A AzoneKing-check-price-at-amazon-6button-37x109Rating 4.4Azoneking-yellow-star-imdb – Reviews 30

• Electric Standing height adjustment mechanism
• Sleek and stylish design
• Highly Stable and Durable
• Ergonomic that flows with your body
• Difficult to assemble once bought
• A slight chance the electric component could get stuck if used too much

It is very difficult to find capable desks that are ergonomic and perform at a prominent level. This desk does both. You can see that plenty of thought has gone into the design of the desk, and the build is of the highest quality. It is comfortable to adjust the height and most of all, a desk that maintains and manages gamers health in the best way possible is a definite plus for me. It looks sleek, affordable and encourages a unique style. A desk which has had a growing impact on the market, that is well worth the value.

12. Mr Ironstone Gaming Desk


Another fantastic L-Shaped Gaming Desk has hit the markets, the Mr Ironstone Gaming Desk is a unique name which matches the design and structure of it. Its solid R-Frame is constructed from solid steel with a PVC laminated table-top, which eliminates any dangers of scratches or chips. It’s one of those desks that can still stay standing even if your house caves in.

Weighing at just 46.3 pounds, it sounds light weight, but the steel frame keeps it upright, solid and sturdy for any amount of weight that is placed on it. The PVC coating ensures that the desk is waterproof and can be easily cleaned. Accessories can be placed within touching distance in and around the desk. For example, there is an adjustable hook for accessories such as headphones, and a side holder. You can also fit a maximum of 4 monitors on the desk.

Like other desks, the Mr Ironstone is adjustable in height going downwards but is not capable of being adjusted to a standing height. Aesthetically, it looks very pleasing and the little accessory holders give the Mr Ironstone Gaming Desk the edge against many others we have picked out. It’s well color-coded, solid and spacious, all for a good price.

Our Rating : A AzoneKing-check-price-at-amazon-6button-37x109Rating 4.4Azoneking-yellow-star-imdb – Reviews 78

• Strong and Sturdy on uneven surfaces

• PVC coating which keeps the desk smooth and away from scratches

• Solid steel structure to carry heavy weight

• Accessory holders for all your gaming accessory needs


• Cannot be adjusted into an L-Shape

• Potential hardware ailment when assembling


 The Verdict

The Mr Ironstone Gaming Desk lives up to its name with regards to structure and stability. It can handle heavy weight very well even on uneven surfaces. With a PVC laminated table-top, it is one of a kind. It is very easy to clean due to this and can last for years if kept in neat condition. Don’t be fooled by the lightweight because the steel R-Frame ensures it can carry heavy weight no problem. Its simplicity is what is pleasing on the eye. Although the design may not appeal to some, its co-features makes up for it. It’s a new model, but one that is getting grave attention.